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The Expert OJT® System can be customized to meet your specific and unique business needs.  Check out our options below.  Don’t see what you need?  Contact us to discuss how we can help.



Expert OJT® Workshop

Learn how to build a complete, structured Expert OJT® system in just 2-days!


Expert OJT® Instructor Certification

Expert OJT® Instructor Certification insures that your organization has qualified Expert OJT® Instructors who can produce highly skilled Expert On-The-Job Trainer and job aid writers.


Job Aid Writer™ template

Built to go hand-in-hand with our Expert OJT® System, this powerful tool makes writing job aids fast, easy and consistent.


OJT Trainer Workshop

If you want to focus on only OJT trainer skills, this is the workshop for you.

Job Aid Writer™ Workshop

If you want to focus only on job aid writing, this workshop is for you. You will be writing real job aids by the end of the day, we guarantee it!